La Wiola Decor, Inc


La Viola Décor is a sister company of Eren Proje Group, which has been proudly manufacturing and selling furniture since 1996. La Viola Décor has grown to become a highly successful multi-million dollar manufacturing brand, delivering to over 100 branches in Turkey, and overseas in USA.

La Viola Décor sophisticated designs create a distinctive elegance throughout your home & office. We pride ourselves in our passion for meticulous detail and our ability to listen, which enables us to create truly beautiful furniture.

Making a successful interpretation of an idea, allows for creation of wonderful designs and brings a great sense of achievement. It’s what constantly drives us to convert dreams into reality.

While nothing’s certain in life, we are confident that we will continue to offer our high level of customer service and flourish a line of fantastic products in USA. This growth will benefit our customers, as we will be able to continue developing innovative designs and manufacturing products to the highest quality possible.

As styles are always changing, we never take our finger off the pulse, which allows us to deliver products that are in fashion and in demand. While we consider ourselves experts in the industry, we always strive to implement new ideas and provide new products or features that we think our customers will love.

Our Vision

At La Viola Décor we believe the design and manufacture of truly original, high-quality furniture is the result of passion, care, design integrity, experience and an unfaltering dedication to quality. This commitment could not be fulfilled without fully integrating the design and manufacturing processes.

Our Environmental

The amount of time and energy time invested in order to achieve this endorsement of La Viola Décor commitment to lean and greener manufacturing with effective measures to minimize environmental impact at every stage of the process including materials sourcing, manufacturing, design, and packaging, recycling of waste and final delivery. A climate of continuous improvement is engrained into the culture at La Viola Décor and the company has set some challenging targets as part of the Greener Environment process. These include reducing the amount of waste to landfill, per unit of output, reducing energy output and target of number of environmental incidences.


To all of you, from all of us

La Wiola Decor, Inc.